Karma- Drink Me Up (USA , 3 minutes )

Directed by: Colin G Cooper


"Karma" by Drink Me Up

By: Claudia Donofrio

“Karma” by Drink Me Up is an edgy, sexy and shocking music video. It successfully keeps the viewer amused with its upbeat music, excellent vocals, quick camera cuts and stylish set. However, “Karma” really stands out from other music videos in its clever ability to balance a dark, menacing storyline with fun, quirky music.
The premise of “Karma” is a very dark one. The video features a personified version of karma, a pretty, young woman, preparing to brutally kill her latest victim. As she sets the stage for murder, the camera artfully cuts between her and the singer, her latest victim, as he warns us of her threat. The camera darts back and forth to the beat of the song, allowing the video to flow nicely with the music. The music itself is purposefully lighter than the plot of the video, helping to tame its overall shock value, and keep it from taking itself too seriously.

While “Karma” itself is sinister in subject matter, the music video never crosses the line into blatant gore or horror. Rather, it teases us with the idea of murder and creates a more nuanced sense of dread and suspense, leading to the moment. This leaves the audience entertained and satisfactorily creeped out in the end. “Karma” by Drink Me Up is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015.