Just One Night (Germany/Italy , 0: 21: 00)

Directed by: Daniele Barillà

Written by: Daniele Barillà

Cast: Selale Gonca Cerit, Andrea Standardi, Michele Albini, Daniele Barillà, Modesto Barillà

Eva is a young German actress forced to suffer violence. Her story is a poignant cry for help that suddenly turns into something different: an audition to take part in a film, a late-night car trip in Rome the atmosphere is dark and ghostly, a guy who, with a trivial excuse, he manages to sneak into his house and upset the night. Among the fine line that separates fiction from reality, Eva will have to understand how to deal with her life and fears, coming to terms with distressing and oppressive situations. How long is her nightmare? Just one night.