Just A Kid (USA, 15)

Directed by: Michael Scotti

Written by: Michael Scotti

Cast: Rory Ogden, Tom Mika, Stacy Kessler, Ashley Beer Produced by: Michael Scotti, Monika Kolodzie

Just A Kid is an independent short film that follows Julie, a little girl, who misses the relationship she once had with her older brother, Edward, and does all she can to have that back but has some mishaps in the process.

As children, Edward and Julie recreated their favorite films and made a few of their own with their small miniDV camera. Their relationship is strained when Edward finds a girlfriend. When they break up and Edward is heartbroken, Julie makes an effort to regain the relationship she once had with him. In attempts to mend Edward's heartbreak, Julie asks to make a movie like they used to in hopes that it will make him happy again but finds out that Edward's ex girlfriend, Lindsay, has it. Julie sets out on a mini adventure to take back their little camera from Lindsay and to get back at her but things don't go as planned - at all.

Just A Kid explores family relationships by showing what bonds families and siblings together, while revealing that no one should be taken for granted, even if they deserve to be. The film puts both characters in odd, funny, and thrilling positions that help strengthen their relationship. It may even ask you to consider your own relationships.