Jillian's Peak (USA | 2017, )

Directed by: Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson

Written by: Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson

Cast: Kelley Young, Grant E. Harvey, Lisann Valentin, Candice Meyers, Sherricka White, Hope Harley, Hector Hicks, Langston Fishburne, La Rivers, Vince Edgehill, Nora Smith, Jill M. Vallery, Penny Middleton, Omar Perez


2018 Interview with Charzette Torrence & Danielle Johnson of Jillian's Peak

Jillian's Peak is 15-18-minutes scripted inspirational LGBTQI woman of color drama. Episode One "The Wedding Scene" is the pilot. We will be tackling some of the African American Lesbian issues like family, community, and gay youth. The series evolves through Jillian’s marriage to Keith with twists in feelings of sexual jealousy and rivalry, expectations within relationships, and infidelity. Jillian’s career in photography causes conflict with Keith as he sees this as a threat to his vision of home life. Keith feels he is losing his wife, and in the end, the marriage dissolves. Jillian moves to New York to pursue her career as a photographer and discovers much more about herself. There are expectations commonly assumed as Jillian meets her first lesbian interest, Shana. With the help of her best friend Gail and a colorful cast of supporting characters, this story is a journey of self-discovery, challenges, and much more.