JIBi (United States | 2015, 6 min)

Directed by: Gregory Chen

A little boy and his dog get ready to play as the sun starts to set. The dog is eager to play normally, but the boy's idea of having fun is revealed as he pranks his dog by spraying him with a hose. The pranks continue until dark until the boy performs one so drastic that it causes the dog to get lost on the streets before getting critically injured by a vehicle. The dog wakes up in a strange place infested with living machines; scared at first, he eventually befriends his rescuer- a little girl who happens to be a brilliant mechanic and the owner of the place. The dog and his new-found owner slowly get to know each other by playing in very unusual ways. Although the dog is insecure and frightened at first, he eventually gets used to his new and much more exciting home.