Janvier (Italy, 25)

Directed by: Pier Paolo Patti

Written by: Pier Paolo Patti, Emanuele De Amicis

Cast: Alicja Ziolko, Bamba Daouda, Didier Daimonax, Lino Monaco

Insane and consumed by life, Janvier is a middle-aged French musician living on the edge of a metropolis where the voices and the sounds of marginalized people are piled up and confused in monochromatic concrete landscape.

Janvier is incompatible with the world around him, but he escapes its dynamics through a process of auto-exclusion: being no one allows him to be free to 'cross' the town and interact with it in his own way.

To him life is something else, elsewhere in the various levels of his 'mental orchestra' where everything matches a sound.

He wanders maniacally on the road and only retains objects found in the trash, waste materials that he hauntingly disassembles and reassembles, transforms and transfigures, reinterprets and molds like an alchemist to finally make gadgets and electronic wizardry able to produce sounds, noises and crackles that he cleverly combines and composes .

In this way, Janvier creates 'his own music', a border music which arises from the madness of a necessary isolation: it is exactly in the sonic experimentation that the character searches and produces an extreme version of survival and authenticity.

Those weird sounds becomes the interpretation of a time that flows slow and lonely with its harmonies which are destroyed in the same moment in which they are created and created in the same moment in which Janvier, for the sake of freedom, destroys himself.