Irregular (Portugal, 1:45:00)

Directed by: Diogo Morgado

Written by: Diogo Morgado, Pedro Morgado

Cast: Pedro Teixeira, Maria Botelho Moniz, Carla Chambel

Gabriel is a happy man. Great family, great job... everything going for him. One Saturday morning, on the way to take his daughter Michelle on a field trip, he stops at a gas station. After he fills the tank and gets back in the car, there is now a boy in the backseat instead of Michelle, calling him father. He freaks out, anxiously looking for Michelle, when he spots her being forced into a van that takes off. Terrified, he chases that van and tries to call his wife, but another woman answers the phone now. Gabriel is a man on the edge of losing what's more precious to him. He must find his daughter and understand what happened to his family while figuring out who are these two strangers who seem to know him better than himself.