Indoor (UK, 16 minutes)

Directed by: Adam Townley

Written by: Adam Townley


Alfie Righelato, Charlie Platt, Katie Miller

An eleven year old boy uses the discarded objects he finds around the windswept seaside community he has just arrived at to make a kite.

Despite strong winds and a dogged persistence he can’t make the kite fly.

He befriends a peculiar girl who won’t leave her caravan. He asks her to help him fly the kite, but she refuses. She can’t go outside. The boy doesn’t give up, and persuades her to reveal the true reason why she can’t venture outside - the wind makes her fall asleep. The boy doesn’t believe this and goads her into going outside. Angered by his taunts the girl runs outside, and into the wind. She collapses.

The boy makes it his mission to rectify the situation.