Directed by: Danish Renzu

Written by: Danish Renzu

Shaheen Ilyas, a young traditional Pakistani woman, arrives in Los Angeles in search of her husband, Ali Ilyas. Ali left his wife and his homeland years ago right after their marriage , and came to America to earn money. Shaheen is unfortunately welcomed into this unknown world in a drastic fashion that challenges her “dependent” identity , from her luggage and passport getting stolen to being harassed by a homeless bum. A happy go lucky Mexican cab driver, Victor, offers to help her until she finds her husband and in the process becomes her first male friend. Little does Shaheen know that the husband she cannot wait to find is married for citizenship to an American woman, Green. Shaheen and Green’s paths cross as they search for what they think they need while they both continue to be suppressed in different ways by society. It is up to Shaheen to live by her intrinsic values, the traditions she has been raised with or choose to make her own identity.