I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs (New Zealand, 6 min 14 sec)

Directed by: Wade Shotter

Written by: Wade Shotter

A fussy writer battles his large ego and high expectations to create a work of art. We follow a writers’ meticulous morning routine as he prepares to conceive a great work of art. His list of preparations grows longer and more specific, revealing his love and obsession with writing, until finally, he sits down to write. Everything is in place. Or is it? He suddenly thinks of another requirement that must be fulfilled. And another. He goes back to his book to write but faced with the reality of a blank page, he’s starting to struggle. In a last ditch effort to avoid writing, he throws his situation to fate, and fate lets him off the hook, releasing him from his task. He gladly puts down his tools, only to be greeted with a freak moment of inspiration, and he begins to write…