I Was There (Mexico | 2015, 1 hr 21 min)

Directed by: Jorge Valdés-Iga

Written by: Jorge Valdés-Iga, James A. Lee, Sinead Daly

Cast: James A. Lee, Carl Ford, Sebastian Zurita, CC Loveheart, Katie O' Grady, Ernest Mingione, Aurore Fagnen, Nicole Ansari-Cox, Humberto Zurita, Tom Kermnitz, Jr, Jennifer Bouchard, Martha Iga, Sebastian Galvez, Chris Olsen, Brady Bryson, Benjamin Karp, Lella Satie, Carlos Munoz

Gus Johnson (James A. Lee) is a New York City firefighter who panicked and escaped the World Trade Center in 9/11. He barely survived the collapse and instantly became a hero. However, survivor's guilt haunted Gus turning him into a self loathing alcoholic, which drew away his wife and son (Sebastián Zurita). Years later, Samuel Lyons (Carl Ford), a photographer who crossed paths with Gus on 9/11, confronts Gus with a photo that proves Gus was not a hero that morning and blackmails him into telling the truth to his family, which forces Gus into a journey of self discovery and acceptance.