I Sell Love (Hong Kong, 104 min)

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Kevin Chu

Written by: Judy Chu

Cast: Kai Chi Liu, Pakho Chau, Rose Chan

Due to financial needs, undergraduate Tiffany (Rose Chan) took up compensated dating, regarding it as a personal choice that has nothing to do with ethics. Though at first, she’s feeling a bit uneasy, but soon she became indifferent. After one unpleasant experience serving a group of Japanese clients, she wanted to quit. But her agent Hazelnut (Judy Chu) convinced her to take up a long term sponsor Cheung (Liu Kai Chi). In the course of serving Cheung, a subtle feeling nourished between the two. On the other hand, she came across Rex (Pakho Chau), a young guy of integrity and passion. After one incident, she decided to quit Cheung and took up a new life with Rex. But just when she thought she could start over anew, something unexpected turned up making her realized that she had to pay for what she had chosen before …