I Rub New York (USA, 18 min)

IRUBNY is a film that celebrates the creative energy of the modern day urban environment. Tracing the history of a community art initiative inspired by the artwork of New York City native Carol Caputo, this "touching" documentary reveals how people respond when presented with an opportunity to interact with their surroundings in a new and imaginative way. IRUBNY follows Caputo as she weaves her way through the streets of NYC sharing her contagious energy with strangers, and showing that everyone really is capable of creating art. Thousands of people, armed with materials as simple as paper and crayons, join Carol and rub the streets and buildings in every neighborhood of the city.

IRUBNY is a little film with a big idea: community is about relating to each other and to our surroundings. Shot in neighborhoods all over Manhatten, the film melds insightful interviews with footage from Caputo's IRUBNY events. It transcends the barriers of class, gender and social standing by simply detailing the experiences of people of all ages as they share their reactions and their artwork.

IRUBNY provides a new perspecttive on art, urban living and community that resonates with any audience.