I Love You, Anna (USA, 26 mins.)

Directed by: Josh Walden

Written by: Jason Huza


Ellen Zolezzi, Josh Walden, Jarrid Huza, Jeff McLean, Linda Glick, Megan Gerlach, Megan Lewis, Nick Kenkel

I Love You, Anna is the story of two best friends, Adam and Anna. Both plagued by extreme privilege, they journey together through the landscapes of NYC as gypsies living a well funded bohemian life. Like many lost kids in their 30’s, finding purpose and responsibility takes a backseat to Central Park daydreams, late night drug-induced parties and love. An enchanted world such as this rarely is free from consequence. As one friend finds uncertainty in a failing relationship and struggles with severe familial disappointment, the other has to find the strength to push forward and find purpose for the both of them.