I Am Still Here (United States | 2016, 1 hr 35 min )

Directed by: Mischa Marcus

Drawn from interviews with child sex slave survivors, I AM STILL HERE (formerly BLUR) is the fictionalized story of Layla, a ten year old girl kidnapped and forced into the brutal underworld of the American sex slave industry. We meet Layla seven years after her kidnapping, severely beaten and left for dead. Under the guidance of a caring policewoman, we witness her story, from the moment she is stolen from her mother, through her integration into the life of a sex slave, and the bonds forged with the other enslaved girls who have become her new sisters. I AM STILL HERE shows us how the power of love and family, even one created out of unimaginable circumstances, can save lives, and allow a survivor such as Layla to heal and reclaim her life. I AM STILL HERE is a gritty, unflinching look at the brutal world of the American child sex slave industry, the fastest growing illegal worldwide enterprise. The film illuminates the horror that hides in our American cities and towns, while depicting one young woman as she struggles to reclaim her life and bring her captor to justice in this intense drama from first time writer-director Mischa Marcus and Emmy-nominated and award-winning producer Stephanie Bell.