I Am Congo (France | 2015, 26 min)

Directed by: David Mboussou

Through a hybrid format at the crossroads of documentary film and cinema, I am Congo aims to awaken
the attention of Congolese and international public on the unique natural and cultural heritage of this country. The ambition of the film is an invitation to travel, invitation to discover the natural wonders, human and cultural concealed in the Congo. From Brazzaville to the heart of the Congo Basin, second lung of the planet after the Amazon, the film takes us to meet characters such as the famous Congolese fighters, wrestlers, artists and musicians, sinners, and of course youth. I am Congo is a real visual experience, aesthetic and poetic journey through a country that full of talent, singularities of these everyday heroes. The viewer is guided by a narrator who introduces him these characters and gradually leads to the heart of the country, where we discover the ultimate character of the film, luxuriant nature.