Directed by: William D. Caballero

Written by: William D. Caballero

In this comedic character-driven hybrid short film, a miniature elderly Latino Gran’pa sits next a rustic rotary phone, leaving a quirky voice mail in broken English to his grandson Davy. Through a serious of a few voice-mails, which range from birthday wishes to folksy advice about how to garner respect and get ahead in life, Gran’pa begins to express frustration at Davy’s lack of communication. After threatening to ‘hang him by the neck’ and growing convinced that Davy has forgotten about him due to his advanced age, the phone finally rings with Davy on the line as the credits roll.

This project is based on authenticity and tribute to the director’s Grandfather. Gran’pa’s messages are actual calls left on the director’s phone throughout the years, and visually, they are combined with a plethora of 3D modeled, printed, and hand painted figures of Gran’pa. These 3 inch miniatures are shot on location at the director’s Grandfather’s apartment, making use of his various decorations as props. To add to the creative realism of the project, his Grandfather’s handwriting matches the on-screen text animation.