How You Are to Me (USA | 2017, 22 min)

Directed by: Aemilia Scott

Written by: Evan Bass Zeisel

Cast: Miranda Noelle Wilson, Evan Bass, Dan Berkey, Melinda Tanner, Christopher R. Grant, Thomas Grube

HOW YOU ARE TO ME is the story of a single day in the life of John, a man living with Alzheimer’s disease, and his wife and caretaker Margaret. Today they have a wedding to go to; but can Margaret and John venture out of the house and into the world? John’s connection to the present, to time, and to his wife, has radically changed. Because of this we see John and Margaret from John's own perspective — the age that they were when they first met. In this way we see their love as all love is — a spirit that does not age, even though the body might. And most importantly, we see Alzheimer’s portrayed in young bodies, eliminating the distance we put between it and our own lives by calling it an “old person” disease. From the realities of day to day living with the disease to the use of arts and artifacts to create connections, the story is the roller coaster that is the average day of someone living with Alzheimer's and for the caretaker who loves this changing person.