Hotel Soleil (2015, )

Written by: Rebekah Wilkinson

Paralysed by social anxiety, Sarah hides in her hotel room from the shyness clinic she thought would change her life. Trapped and hungry, she accepts when Sammi, the 12 year old assistant cleaner, offers to sell her food.

When his older brother steals the money Sammi was saving for a lawyer to free their illegally imprisoned parents, Sammi begs Sarah to replace it. But Sarah has run out of cash and is too frightened to go to the bank. Sammi is disgusted by Sarah’s selfishness and leaves her to fend for herself.

Then the explosions start. Sarah and the other British hotel guests are to be taken to the airport, but can Sarah really leave Sammi to face his fate alone and penniless in a warzone? Terrified, Sarah picks up her bankcard and steps outside to face her fears.