Hello Charles (United States | 2015, 6 min)

Directed by: Hamish Grieve

30 year old George gets a visit from his imaginary childhood friend Charles at the lowest point in his life.


What would your childhood imaginary friend think about the way your life has turned out? This is the question “Hello Charles,” the hilarious short from American director Hamish Grieve, asks. Thirty year­old George has hit rock bottom. He’s seconds away from robbing a convenience store when he’s interrupted by his old imaginary pal Charles who asks him: what happened? They used to fight crime together so how did he end up ready to commit one? Not all of us would be happy to be confronted by our younger selves and George is no exception. After all, who would be hurt more by our shortcomings than ourselves, especially when we were at our most idealist? Charles helps point George back in the right direction but not without first laying a pretty serious guilt trip on him. That direction leads to George’s backyard, where he and Charles buried a box full of childhood memories and where the film comes to its neat, albeit trite, conclusion. Ending aside, Mr. Grieve’s hilarious premise, great writing, and the magnetic performances he was able to get from the actors are what make this short a must­see. Not to mention one or two F­bombs dropped by a child.

“Hello Charles” is an Official Selection of the 7th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival.