Helio (US, 0:21:00)

Directed by: Teddy Cecil

Written by: Teddy Cecil

Cast: Barrett James, Dennis Keiffer, Dio Johnson, Derek Chariton, Chuck Wigginton, Erik Denton

HELIO is a short, visceral film centered on a post- apocalyptic underground society where miners work for light to survive. But when a dying rebel thrusts the unexpected onto an unassuming worker’s lap, all hell breaks loose. What begins as one man’s race to escape the hostile government quickly escalates into a city-wide uprising of the people.
Significant influences include Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Dante’s The Inferno and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.
Presented by Shadow Council Productions, in association with Innovate Entertainment, HELIO is an independent film from first-time writer/director Teddy Cecil. With the ambitious production scale and challenging VFX elements, the process took almost two years to complete from inception to final cut.