Heart - The Common Humanity (USA, 45 minutes)

Directed by: Kenneth Lundquist, Jr.

Heart: The Common Humanity is the video diary of an American pilot who flew humanitarian missions in post-Taliban Afghanistan for two years. Though acknowledging that many Afghans would gladly kill him, our narrator chose to focus on the natives who befriended him and shared pieces of their culture. Images like a hand-knotted rug that depicts machine guns instead of flowers and abandoned Russian tanks that stand in for playground equipment remain indelible long after the final credits roll.

The Afghan people depicted in this documentary live largely as they did 1,000 years ago in a land that has been conquered by everyone from Alexander the Great to modern-day Russia. Our narrator captures both the poverty and optimism of the natives he befriends, including a girl who wants to be a doctor and aspiring Olympians who train on a track that was hacked to pieces by the Taliban.