Handyman- Music Video (Australia, 4 mins.)

Directed by: Romney Jones

Written by: Romney Jones


Romney Jones

Handyman' was my first attempt at writing, directing, producing, acting in, choreographing, and co-editing a film clip. A ton of work went into the 3mins and 38 seconds you see here, but all involved had an absolute hoot, and I'm happy to see the fun and effervescence we experienced well reflected in the result.

The film clip depicts the double-life of a poly-amorous housewife who besides her numerous infidelities, is holding another secret from her husband; the fact that she is a man. Despite the initial shock of discovering this, the husband extends his unconditional love, and all parties romp together in the final scene in a Rocky Horror-esque celebration of sexuality and fabulosity.

Most of the people featured in the clip are friends and loved ones, whom I selected carefully based on their known quirks and suitability for their roles. While scripting 95% of the clip, I purposefully left room for improvisation on the day. This lends the clip the freshness and comical flavour I was hoping to see shining out from the screen. I hope you get a giggle out of it.
Cheers, Crazy mama