Directed by: Jordan St Martin-Reyes, Benjamin Roberds

The music video for Los Angeles based artist Green Gerry is satisfyingly surreal, reaching a strange climax as the song descends into dissonance before returning for one more catchy hook.


Green Gerry- “La La Lonely Maria”

By: Claudia Donofrio

“La La Lonely Maria” by Green Gerry is a fantastic music video with a wild theme and some pretty funny visual images. It features five women covered in mud, and a man with a 1980's television for a head. These people wake up in a typical American yard beside a pool, after a night of partying. They begin to dance together and proceed to use the pool water to cleanse themselves of the mud. However, when the TV Set Man tries to jump into the pool, the water destroys his television head. The women carry him to a massive junkyard and leave him there. As he lies in the landfill, we see eagles flying over him, perhaps a symbol of America and mass consumerism.
The music in the video is great, sounding like a cross between Bob Dylan and Tame Impala. The grainy and outdated color quality of the video, and the use of such an old TV model give the video a cool, Vietnam era feel. Apart from being comical, the TV Set man serves an important purpose in the video’s message about the American youth and their wasted lifestyle. However this theme is understated and the video mainly functions as an entertaining, and lighthearted supplement to the mellow indie sound of the music. “La La Lonely Maria” by Green Gerry is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015.