Go Fish! (Poland , 0: 34: 00)

Directed by: Patrycjusz Kostyszyn

Cast: Alicja Boratyn, Julita Olszewska, Marek Serafin, Borys Jaznicki, Bruno Krzosek, Danuta Jaworek, Hanna Samson, Jozef Kopec, Justyna Sieniawska, Kamil Kulda, Klementyna Krzosek, Konrad Aksiniwicz

Alicja is a talented young journalist and her best friend Zosia is about to graduate in architecture. When both girls’ life plans suddenly collapse, they decide to bring the responsible to justice. However playing revenge goes out of their hands and takes them places that they never wanted to be. The film tells about powerlessness, mechanisms of power and the value of true friendship.