Getting Lucky (United States, 20 min 56 sec)

Directed by: Oscar Bucher

Like most of his cases, Pierre Merkl's story has several surprises -- not only is he a crafty private-eye who knows the ins and out of the city, but he’s also an eccentric lounge singer who has been thrilling audiences with his Mr. Lucky act for decades. To protect his professional persona as a Private Detective, Pierre has always kept his various identities secret but now for the first time, driving around the city in his 1961 New Yorker, Pierre recalls the strange 20 year trip that it took to become Mr. Lucky, performing everywhere from Burning Man to Lincoln Center in a silk tie and fedora with martini in hand. As the high cost of living in San Francisco escalates, he’s forced to say goodbye to the City by the Bay as he leaves from private-eye work to follow his heart wherever his act takes him. A love song to San Francisco and its artists, Mr. Lucky's departure is also a sign of the times-- a bittersweet warning that the great city is slowly losing its most eccentric characters, and with it, its bohemian soul. But 'Getting Lucky” isn’t about luck-- it’s about the hard work, unrelenting confidence, and idiosyncratic creativity that it takes for an offbeat character like Lucky to exist at all.