Directed by: Mike Kravinsky

Written by: Mike Kravinsky

Cast: Blair Bowers, Andrew Nichols, Bob Hurley, Connie Bowman, Emily Morrison, Felicia Gonzalez Brown, Josh Adams, Molly Boyle, Nic Detorie, Paul Fahrenkopf, Rick Kain, Sarah Allyn Collier, Vick Krishna

A driven, overworked and sleep deprived TV News woman's life is derailed when she inherits a house and dog in a small town.

Meet Nicole. She works the overnight shift at a TV news network in Washington, DC. Even though Nicole is sleepy most all the time, she really loves her job, to the exclusion of most other things.

Nicole's Uncle who lives in a small town dies suddenly. When she attends the funeral, she discovers that he left her both his house and his dog. Responsibilities she didn't seek and doesn't want. She decides to keep Charlie the dog, but sell the house. In the process of selling the house though, the people of this small town grab her and won't let go in their kindness to her. What's with these people?

Geographically Desirable is a story of Priorities, TV News and Sleep.