Furnace Keep (USA, 3min)

Directed by: Gary Grant

Written by: Gary Grant



Bob Wells, Ethan Nickerson, Max Baird, Sealii King



Conceived as a challenge to rediscover creativity and rekindle the flame of imagination, Furnace Keep presents a cycle of genesis, loss and rebirth. The film's central 'old man' character serves as metaphorical proxy for anyone who's ever felt the imprisonment of life imposed in lieu of a life discovered. 


The visual design of Furnace Keep is a direct outgrowth of the film's core theme. Instead of simply conforming to the reality of a single creative approach, the design dances between a variety of imaginative solutions meant to convey different aspects of an inspiring message. Miniature sets,stop motion photograph, forced perspective elements, live action, digital and physical effects, and even puppetry, all combine together as a representation of interior thought - the struggle for identity between the unbounded original self and the finite adult state.


The filmmakers hope this short film might serve to provoke and incite others to remember their own true selves, to reengage with the imagination and ignite the pilot light of personal potential - fueling the flames of their own Furnace Keep.