Frog's Legs (United States, 3 )

Directed by: Katie Tamboer


Frog's Legs

By: Conor Murray

Very cute, simple, and well done, "Frog's Legs" gives you quite a bit to smile and laugh about in only three minutes. Beautifully colored, the animation follows a carefree frog as he unknowingly is about to be chopped up and thrown in a witch's potion. Accidentally he manages to escape his chains and starts to cause havoc in the brewing station as the witch attempts to catch him while all the frog cares about is eating more flies and making a pretty potion. Very sweet and fun to watch, the animation is done very well and looks very good. The script is entertaining and just the right of amount of simplicity. "Frog's Legs" is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015.