Friday Night (USA | 2017, 1 min)

Directed by: Drew Luster

Written by: Anna Roisman

Cast: Anna Roisman

An anthem for millennials who like to get lit on a Friday night.


Anna Roisman is a comedian, content creator, producer, and host in NYC. Anna's videos have been featured in The NY Times, Funny Huffington Post, Or Die, Ad Week, The LA Times, People, WhoHaha, Splitsider, MTV, College Humor, Elite Daily, Bark, The Daily Dot, WICF Daily, and more. Most recently, Anna has been producing The Unemployed Show, a weekly Facebook Live talk show that has been featured in the NY Times, Huffpost, Time Out NY, WICF, Brokelyn, and more. The show is also part of the Facebook For Creators campaign. They’ve aired over 35 episodes. Anna went to the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival as a finalist for the Snapchat Shorts competition with a short called, “Owen Wilson Dates Himself”! Adweek thought it was the best one in the competition! Sweet Discover named Anna “2017 Filmmaker Of The Year” on Snapchat. Anna has been to the Montreal Just For Laugh's festival for the half-hour comedy pitch competition with her 30min comedy pilot she co-created called, "This One Time @ Camp." Anna sold a webseries to Elite Daily that she produced, co-wrote, and starred in called, "There's No Place Like Home,". She’s written and produced viral videos for media companies over the years such as an Avril Lavigne parody featured on and Huffpost. She is also the co-creator and producer of, "Beauty Shots," an unscripted drunk make-up tutorial series in the vein of Drunk History and My Drunk Kitchen. Anna is a co-founder and producer of Quickie Fest: The One Minute Movie Festival in NYC. Their 5th festival will be held in summer of 2018.

Interview conducted by Jeff Ayars, Short Sketch Curator

Q: What’s your background & how did you get started?
My background is in comedy. I graduated from BU with a degree in TV Production, and in college a lot of my projects were digital shorts. I loved making videos and collaborating with other creators. I moved to NYC after graduating and started doing improv and sketch at UCB where I met my writing partner who I've made a lot of content with over the years. Some of our videos did really well, which led to more opportunities. Eventually I started to freelance produce digital content for a few companies, which was cool. Though performing live is very fulfilling in its own way, I loved building a roster of videos that I could show people anytime.

Q: What inspires you to create?
I am mostly inspired to create based on people I meet or see, or things that I read that make me feel something. Maybe that sounds cliche, but I'm all about how people react to weird/bizarre/sad situations. A lot of my work comes from darker themes. Or as my mom would say, I'm sarcastic. I think seeing other great work being produced all around me is inspiring. It makes me want to work harder and create more!

Q: What advice do you have for indie creators on a budget?
Marry rich! Kidding...kind of. :) I think my advice is surround yourself with other creators who you like to work with and would help out on no budget. I hate the word network, but try to network with people who are on your level, because then everyone can benefit from it. When I first started, I PA'd on random shoots just because I respected the director and loved what they were doing. You never know who is going to make it first, and it's good to stay loyal to people you work well with. If you're going to ask favors, make yourself available to help other creators who need favors too. Rent equipment during holiday weekends! Make specific shot lists and prepare as much as you can for a shoot so you're not wasting time when it's time to make something.

Q: What makes your project special?
This project is special to me because I get to combine a few talents! It's a comedy music video, so I had a lot of fun recording the rap with my friend who is producing music now and doing such a great job. I also had a very specific point of view for this video, which is it's ok to stay in on a Friday night! I wanted to connect with other millennials like me who would rather eat a pizza on the couch and watch The Bachelor than go to a loud bar. Hmmm maybe this is a special project for senior citizens now that I spell it out? Regardless, I'm a singer and this was my first time recording myself rapping, which I think is cool!