Freak (USA, 4min)

Directed by: Roberto Marquez



Christian Gyllensvard, Christina Karabiyik, Christopher Cerny, Cynthia Shaw, Dagny Fratis, Gregory Hentis, Jesse Richman, Katharina Stenbeck, Kiera Allen, Raquel Leifer, Richie Noodles, Sophie Freedman, Suzanne du Charme


A young woman awakes in a forest and discovers scenes of sexual awakening that span from Oedipus to Homosexuality. Once she has been exposed to all the elements of sexual history she must travel within herself to discover her own sexuality and finally merge it with social taboos.

ugh a forest; revealing a vintage tea party: a man wearing a vintage dress and an old married couple.

Katherina appears at the party singing and as she completes the line, pulls the table cloth off of the table and reveals that the old man is not wearing pants and that the woman’s legs are bound. 

The other band members sit and plays red musical chords that span from the trees and through Kat's clothing.

Lastly we discover a tragic wedding, a middle aged woman stands in a wedding dress holding worn out flowers, beside her is a young man scratching his own eyes. 

We travel as if going after the bride and then go into Kats mouth, into the darkness.
The same heart appears as in the beginning. The heart drifts in a room of darkness.
Katherina now dressed in a more edgy dress.
She is being chased by someone, a man painted in black wearing only red underwear. Finally she turns around and chases after the man.

A blood red screen changes when Katharine dressed all in white leaps her hands painted red. She performs and is chased by six little children dressed all in white.