For Family's Sake (USA, 20 Min)

Directed by: Sam Shaib

Written by: Sam Shaib

Cast: A.J. Ryder, Bergman Arguello, Diana Garle, Isaac Reyes, Katherine Kanitsch, Maria Quezada, Samira Mesbahi

Sama is a Muslim-American teenager who discovers that is she to be betrothed to a 32-year-old Muslim man, a marriage her recently widowed mother had planned very carefully to ease their financial situation.

But Sama does not want to get married because she is in love with Patrick, an All-American boy.

Sama hides her intimate relationship with Patrick from her family, especially from her ultra-conservative brother, Rami.

She and Patrick runaway, but her mother and Rami find out.

Will Sama escape the arranged marriage or will she become another victim of religious and cultural beliefs that are rooted in thousands of years of tradition?