Follow Me (UAE, 1 hour 20 min)

Directed by: Asri Bendacha

Dubai based film maker Asri Bendacha sets out on a light hearted journey to become a social media influencer on Instagram, earn money and to become famous. While Asri tries to get people to follow him on Instagram we take a journey with the filmmaker across the Middle East, Europe and America and meet famous influencers like DJ Khaled, celebrity agents, lawyers, social scientists, academics and others that work in the world of social media and to seek out advice and knowledge about what it takes to earn money and get followers. Our travels take us to VIDCON the worlds largest content gathering for social media personalities where we observe first hand how social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity. The film looks at how social media and the rise of smartphone culture has substantially altered how celebrities are treated and how the old rules of fame have changed. We see first-hand how sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also catapult people to levels of fame they'd otherwise never reach. Even people who enjoy a larger-than-average social media following in their niches enjoy a heightened level of local celebrity. Eventually we see that attaining fame and fortune as an influencer is not as easy as we think.