Flashback (USA, 7min)

Directed by: Steve Petersen

Written by: Steve Petersen


Judy Levitt, Karla Osella, Shannon Murray, Tom Biagini, Walter Koenig

An old married couple (in their 70's) is at the end of a long and tired argument. Joseph Griffin sits on the sofa of his living room in a sort of daze as his wife Greta stands by the front door with her packed suitcase. She gives him a final earful leaving nothing to the imagination of what has led her to this moment. Nothing Joseph can say will change her mind. This argument will likely mark the end of their entire relationship. 

The scene then transitions back to the same couple 40 years earlier in the same room at the start of their relationship. A young Joseph and Greta paint the walls of their new house and are clearly full of life and love for one another.

A series of transitional scenes depicting the start of their relationship and the end of their relationship explain what went wrong. Joseph had two great loves in his life. His wife and his work. And he chose his work. A decision he wishes desperately he could take back. 

The irony is that his work led him to be the inventor of an incredible piece of technology that he designed so its users could relive their fondest memories. However, now Joseph uses the device that cost him the love of his life to relive his greatest regret.