Directed by: Sabrina Digregorio

It is the story of a journey, discovering both poetry and life of a man through the meeting of two generations: the poet and writer Joseph Tusiani and the biographer Daiana ( Daiana Giorgi). Tusiani, born in Italy and emigrated in the United States of America in 1947, is a recognized exceptional and international classicist and contemporary poet that lives in New York City. He has been the first American to win the prestigious Greenwood Prize (London), on top of many other awards.
To tell the story of Joseph Tusiani you need to start a journey across two distant places, Gargano in Apulia and New York City, and you need to descend into the inner core of the soul of a poet.
During this journey fragments of the war, of migration and uprooting come to memory. These tiles compose the patchwork of the life of a man and the arts of an author that blend together and narrate the words, the poetry and the mystery of human life.
It is not the story of a man suspended between two worlds and two lives, but a poet that through sensitive analysis explains the today’s incomprehensible world we would like to be detached by.
The surprising expressiveness of Tusiani (his wrinkles and glances could create on their own a biography) in opposition to the intensity of the new generation, personified by the biographer Daiana, shine within this documentary film.
A strongly authorial use of light cuts enlightens not only Tusiani and his biographer, but also the other characters involved in this documentary, among all, the journalist Furio Colombo, a great Tusiani’s connoisseur and curator of the introduction to the Film.