Fighting Paisanos (Italy, 52mins)

Directed by: Marco Curti

Written by: Marco Curti, Annalisa Reggi

Fighting Paisan is the nickname that an American war reporter, Ernie Pyle, gave to a kid, Alfonso Felici. Who, thanks to his dual citizenship (Italian and American) was able to fight as an Allied soldier to free Italy from Nazi-Fascism. Like Alfonso, many other young boys decided to enroll in the American Army to give their contribution to the liberation. Nearly one million and a half italian immigrants' sons were employed in hard and humble jobs and, with their unmistakable Italian surnames, fought in WWII. Many of them landed in Sicily and contributed to the liberation of the Italian peninsula from south to north. After seventy years some of them are still alive. This documentary is probably the last chance to tell their story. The story of Fighting Paisanos.