Fate! It is what it is. (Australia, 24 minutes)

Directed by: Rob LoBosco

Written by: Rob LoBosco


Carla Bonner, Rob LoBosco, Thomas Kay

Identical twins (Tony and Lewis) and couple (Ana and Paul) live, together, a life of deception and dysfunction. Tony and Lewis have many past trials and tribulations. Tony has always blamed Lewis for the death of their parents. Lewis begged his parents to leave on that train, that day- to see them at boarding school. This train crashed and killed them, leaving Lewis and Tony orphans. Rather than bringing them closer together, it drew them further apart. Tony has immense underlying hate and anger towards Lewis, beating and torturing him. The childhood trauma induced anger and hate in Tony, and anxiety and a speech impediment in Lewis. Ana is the the nurturer and protector and Paul has an unrequited love for Lewis. Paul expresses his love to Lewis. Ana is aware how fond Paul is of Lewis, and understands this. She even tells Lewis that Paul loves him. Lewis does not want to know about it. He feels suffocated and wants to leave for Sydney. He needs to escape this home of negativity and dysfunction. He is away only a year and returns - to another one of Tony's suicide attempts. It is up to Lewis to choose his fate. The four of them have come together for a reason, to learn a vital life lesson - whatever journey fate takes you on, it is what it is!