Family Dancing (Bal de Famille) (France | 2015, 23 min)

Directed by: Stella di Tocco

Written by: Stella di Tocco & Annarita Zambrano

Cast: Pauline Etienne, Sophie Vaslot, Frédéric Pierrot, Mathias Melloul, Luna Lou

Today, Julie is strong, She is independent. She can go back home. Her family is waiting for her, they love her : her mother, her brother, her sister… and her father. 


“Denis and the Zombies,” an extraordinary dramedy short by director Vital Philippot, is the story of a passionate group of young filmmakers who journey to the French countryside to shoot a zombie movie. The film kicks off during a script read on the first night when Mathias, the film’s director, is visited at his grandmother’s house by his unwelcome childhood friend Denis. At the request of the crew, Mathias begrudgingly lets Denis join the production and things begin to immediately unravel. Full of vibrant, youthful energy reminiscent of Wes Anderson, the film does a fantastic job of covering a huge amount of ground in a short period of time. Never once does it fall astray and get lost in its own depiction of the chaos of a movie set. Perhaps the greatest joy is seeing the remarkable performances Mr. Philippot was able to elicit from such a diverse group of young actors. The cast’s deeply felt characterizations of Denis, Mathias, and their friends are charming, new, and impossible to forget. A must­see for anyone who has experienced first­hand the excitement, frustration, and budding romance during the making of a movie.

“Denis and the Zombies” is an Official Selection of the 7th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival.