Eye of the Vulture (UK, 0:13:00)

Directed by: Willem Gerritsen

Written by: Willem Gerritsen

Cast: Amy Strange, Marene Miller,Tom Benedict Knight

The film opens with female London police officer 'Taz', who manages to have her gun pointed at gangster Jonny. Later, a colleague female officer, Katie, tries to convince her to start working again as it's been weeks and Jonny is in a coma. But Taz believes she is still in danger and prefers to lock herself into her home for the time being. She starts hearing noises in the house, but she realizes it's nothing. But not long after she is being chased around the house by someone we don't see. She fires shots and the man flees the house. Taz calls Katie, but hangs up. She then dreams about Jonny with blood all over his face. The doorbell wakes her up and it's another colleague, Will. He doesn't want to listen to Taz's concerns and wants to have sex with her. She gives in at first, but then puts a gun at him and wants him to leave. On his way out, he is killed with a knife. Surprisingly, Jonny himself appears and overpowers her. We cut back to the beginning. We learn that Taz was actually perversely enjoying her power over Jonny and deliberately shot him in the face for no reason. Back to the present, Katie is coming to Taz's house to check on her. When she opens the door, Taz shoots Jonny, only to see that he wasn't really there and she has actually shot Katie, now dying in the doorway.