[EQUILIBRIUM] (Canada | 2017, 10 min)

Directed by: Dejan Radovanovic

After a tragic accident, Jamie found himself in a empty house surrounded by the sea.


An Interview with Dejan Radovanovic, Director of [Equilibrium], conducted by Caleb Dawdy, Experimental Film Curator.

Q: Firstly, I’d like to ask you about your background in both art, and then film specifically. What was your entry point to making film? How has your style changed or stayed the same?

I was obsessed with Caravaggio’s paintings in late 80s. For me, his paintings were frozen frames of a movie. But what inspired me the most in his paintings was what, in my opinion, was hidden in his dark backgrounds. I started to paint the replicas of his paintings in order to figure out the hidden mystery. And then I saw Derek Jarman’s “Caravaggio” and this movie inspired me to do my first completely abstract video works and they were exhibited besides to paintings that inspired me. After these first video works, it has become impossible for me to do paintings anymore. My pictures had to move in time. I got a job in film production as an art director and production designer and that helped me to learn all I needed to be able to express myself in moving images. I do not think my style has changed substantially since the beginning. Only the format and technique changed. It seems to me that I will always be a painter painting my abstract images that are moving in time.

Q: Your film has a trancelike and meditative essence that really pulled me in. Is there a certain formulaic way in which you try to create that for your viewers? What are necessary components for you to reach that point?

If there's a formula, then it's that I want to feel the same way as my audience while watching my movie. This means that my moving images have to surprise me each time and challenge me with a new experience. Necessary components will be: complex speculative fictions with little or none narration.

Q: The score to your film is magnificent, and the imagery and sound blend so beautifully together that both shine separately at times and in tandem. Could you quickly tell which came first, and then describe if the final images came together after trial and error...or did you always see it this way?

It's all like that. Sound is the basis for my visualization. Sound has to trigger me and then, somehow, everything goes further on its way. I was lucky enough to work with a composer like Jordan Nobles. His music completely fits in to my world.

Q: Could you list any specific influences you have in art, film, and music that inspired this piece?

Of course. For me that is, you can guess, Caravaggio at first place, Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Peter Greenaway, and endless list of composers and musicians, but Miles Davis, Jordan Nobles and Karen Gwyer must be on top of that list.

Q: What are some of your general film and artistic influences?

When I was young, I was very interested in psychoanalysis and surrealism certainly had the greatest influence on me at that time. You know, Wilhelm Reich, Salvador Dali, and later Max Ernst, Eve Klein...

Q: I find that it could be easy to assume with films of this nature that whatever the artist/director dreams can be accomplished, but I would like to know what types of sacrifices (if any) were made in this vision? Was there any aspects that were taken away, or perhaps added last minute to push it that extra mile?

The problem with movies of this nature is that you're never sure when the movie is really finished. It is almost always true that some scenes are added or subtracted at last minute. But, usually, there is a magic moment when everything comes at its place. This does not happen every time.

Q: Could you describe what emotions and takeaways that you hope to give your audiences through your work?

In my works, humans rarely appear. But my works are most concerned with mankind and I hope that they can trigger a variety of emotions and maybe inspire audiences to new experiences.

Q: Are there any projects and/or artwork you’re currently working on that we can look forward to?

I am always working on new project. “[SURFACE TENSION]” is newest and almost done, it is filmed in 5.2K, Jordan Nobles is composer, and I like this one very much. It is planned to produce VR version of this movie, too.

[EQUILIBRIUM] is an Official Selection of the 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival.