Entailment (Australia, 19:06)

Directed by: Cam Smeal

Written by: Kate Walter

Cast: Jane Phegan, Jennifer Corren, Julian Garner, Arabella Macpherson, Dean Roach, Ids Okey, Peter Flaherty,

A fractured narrative about a self-absorbed man in a troubled marriage, and a single woman desperate to have a child. Their lives intersect when they meet in a bar on a night that ends with sex. He wants to forget it ever happened, but she’s got a ticking biological clock and plans of her own. When he learns his wife is pregnant, he goes to great lengths to hide his betrayal. Meanwhile, the woman taunts him with his guilt. She discovers his wife’s pregnancy and uses this against him. He must become her sperm donor or she will reveal his deception. But when the truth is uncovered, it's what he least expects.