Elsewhere (USA | 2016, 1 hour 17 min)

Directed by: Patrick James Lynch

Written by: Nick Vergara

Cast: Nick Vergara, Nikki Borges, Brian Williams, Rob Bradford, Patrick James Lynch, Katy Wright Mead, Seth Kirschner, Ryan Gielen

Alt-rock band Bangarang blows their big set at LA’s renowned Troubadour, driving the band’s brooding frontman Henry and his bandmates to scatter for their Hollywood Hills afterparty. While there, Henry’s ex-girlfriend Edie- the inspiration for Bangarang’s music- shows up unaccounted, as does Benji, the longtime and troubled friend of the band bassist Jo. These unexpected visitors trigger Henry and Jo to confront ugly aspects of their past, and make difficult decisions about their future, all while their fast-talking manager Kevin attempts to keep both the party and the band’s upcoming tour from collapsing. Elsewhere unfolds as a series of intimate vignettes, driven by a diverse ensemble-cast, that reveal the struggle of young artists attempting to balance letting go, striving for more, and celebrating the journey to somewhere.