Don Broco: Come Out to LA (United States, 4 min 46 sec)

Directed by: Benjamin Roberds

The music video for the track Come Out To LA by Don Broco features death, dancing, robots, inter-band rivalries, mad scientists, insane TV performances and much more.


The Don Broco music video, “Come Out to LA”, is chock full of action packed events that draw influence from the Terminator, Deftones, and Frankenstein among more notable examples. The pop punk song’s catchy repetitive lyrics, together with the surreal music video make for a comical yet though provoking depiction of stardom. The story of the band’s search for a new lead singer will keep audiences engaged from beginning to end.

Cinematically, director Benjamin Roberds does a phenomenal job of creating the eerie backdrop for the music video through a wide range of camera angles that show beautiful shots of the city of LA. Bloody props, intricately detailed backgrounds, and the band’s daring personas are just some of the elements that will keep the audience wondering about the wacky world the band lives in.

Don Broco delivers a flashy, bass filled tune that features Matt Donnelly, the drummer of the band, as both drums and vocals along with lead singer Rob Damiani. “Come Out to LA” features dancing, death, robots, inter-band rivalries, mad scientists, and insane TV performances that make for an upbeat song with just the right amount of gore to keep the audience craving for more.