DJ (Germany | 2016, 5 min)

Directed by: Diana Naecke

Cast: artist: Masha Qrella (DJ - taken from KEYS, MORR MUSIC, Berlin 2016)

"So I bought myself a ticket to go / To a place I’ve never been before / All I did was to go back home / behind me I shut the door" DJ is a song about Berlin and the state you can find yourself in in this city. The DJ in the video is Hannes Lehmann, whom Masha Qrella has known since he was 16 years old, with whom she shared her first apartment, and next to whom she stood onstage with MINA and CONTRIVA. Qrella leaves open which story is told in DJ – that of hers or that of her friend. As Qrella’s first album LUCK was being released, she was all of a sudden asked to DJ from time to time, and found herself at the turntables. Yet she could certainly play guitar and bass better than the records she spun. Hannes Lehmann is today a gifted soul DJ, recently making an appearance at Oum Shatt, and agreed to be the focus of the video of this song in front of the camera. The film was shot documentary style, whilst Hannes spun Northern Soul to a wild crowd. It this around time that the film KES by British director Ken Loach was made (1969). Loach approached much of this work in a documentary style and employed all roles (bar one) with amateur actors. The atmosphere of the film, with its sense of sadness and the accessibility generated through that, was something of a renewal in film language. Through this, Loach developed a poetic language that typified the hopelessness typical of the industrial and mining towns of Northern England. It is in this region and surrounding areas where the British musical subculture movement that helped foster Northern Soul originates.