Dirty Night Clowns (USA, 5 minute)

Directed by: Ryan Gibeau


James Wojtal, Michael Leach

'Dirty Night Clowns' is a wonderful tale of curiosity, danger and pursuit. This is a music video shot entirely with marionette puppets on miniature sets. The challenge presented by the film's director, Ryan Gibeau, was to create a realistic feeling, cinematic world with stunning visuals and lifelike puppetry. The challenges were accepted by the talented and experienced crew and the result is a successfully charming and magical story for all ages. 

Sometimes the fates align and two passionate artists are able to collaborate on a truly special level. Singer/songwriter Chris Garneau and producer/director Ryan Gibeau were brought together by the song 'Dirty Night Clowns' from Chris' album El Radio. The video's success is a result of strong artistic collaboration and Chris' wildly imaginative music.