Depth of Circle (South Korea, 9 min)

Directed by: Jinkyung Jeon

'Depth of Circle' is a VR & audiovisual live performance project that recreates the moment of a woman discovering she is pregnant with a baby as the scene of an astronaut discovering a new planet in the space. It provides an additional experience through the live performance by the participant. It's installed in a format where the participant and the rest of the audience can simultaneously enjoy the VR piece. The audiovisual video and VR content were created to show the different points of view in the same context, which will create a new experience for everyone. The audience can enjoy the scene that displays the mother's (astronaut's) point of view and VR participants can experience it as a baby (planet). VR participants can also view the piece by holding a sphere light with a motion tracker on it. This light symbolizes life that connects the VR participant and the audience to the same experience.