Dedications I-V (United States, 23:54)

Directed by: Chloe Desaulles

Written by: Chloe Desaulles

Cast: Jerry Stolzenberg, Jackie Stolzenberg, Margaret Laske, Patricia McCann, Siamak Adibi, Joan Adibi, Candy Loughney, Patrick Loughney

'Dedications I-V' is a short volumetric film by Chloé Desaulles composed of individual tales on memory as told by people with progressive memory loss. The short is based on neuroscience research, suggesting that memories can be made more resistant to degenerative disorders through the use of active recall. Through this method, agency is given back to the protagonists, who can selectively choose which memories to hold on to. The film is meant to act as a visual document of the protagonists’ memories, as well as a tool to strengthen them. 'Dedications I-V' was made using depth data with Depthkit (the longest film to be created using only this software), the KinectV2 and Unity, taking advantage of the medium’s loss of frames and visual inaccuracy to contribute to an already fading narrative.