Dark Outside (Australia, 0 :11: 00 )

Directed by: Amanda Jermyn

Written by: Brooke Fairley

Cast: Amanda Jermyn, Mattew Grego,

Bernadette arrives at Christy and Aaron's house to find a disturbing scene. Aaron is many things: a husband, provider, an intellectual and a cad. Christy has never forgiven Aaron for his many indiscretions. Leaving him would mean abandoning the trappings of a comfortable and secure existence, which is an unknown she is not prepared to confront. After many years of quiet sufferance Christy finally loses her patience. She decides that Aaron deserves an appropriate and life-changing reality check in the form of retribution. Christy has carefully planned the scenario, up until a point. This point. Now she is relying on Bernadette to help solve an unforeseen problem that seems to have no good or positive solution. What should be a measured and sensitive operation turns into a sloppy, childish mess. Instead of taking the opportunity to bond and mend their relationship over the demise of Christy's marriage, they manage to make an already disastrous situation worse. Maturity would prevail for most, but Christy and Bernadette manage to taunt each other with past grievances that ought to have been forgiven, or at least forgotten, long ago. Perhaps Bernadette has never given Christy enough credit. Perhaps Christy is more conniving and calculated than Bernadette could have ever imagined.