Daddy, Where is Mom and Grandma? (Israel, 1 hr 30 min)

Directed by: Nili Tal

Cast: Producer: Nili Tal Director: Nili Tal

In May 1996, when Itay was 11, his father Dr. Amiram Hochberg murdered his mother Shlomit Bliechman, and her mother Idda Bliechman. After shooting grandmother Idda in the back of the head, Hochberg rolled her body into a carpet and left it on the balcony.Shlomit's body was never found. Hochberg waited for Itay at the front door of his house and kidnapped him, taking him by car to Egypt, then to Rome, and finally, to Basel, Switzerland. Secretly Iray was trying everyday to call his mom and grandma.The first two parts of this new documentary follow the case from two perspectives: the story of Dorit Ben Meir, the police officer who headed the special investigative team tasked with solving the mystery; and the story of Itay himself, who talks about his kidnapping and subsequent return for the first time.


Nili Tal is well known Israeli Producer director that had produced 40 documentaries films. All of them were commissioned by Israeli and foreign broadcasters.
A well known film of hers is: Sixty and the City that was screened in Tokyo, Taipei, Sweden, Austria and in the NYJFF.