Commentary (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Aaron Mark

Written by: Aaron Mark



Alison Fraser, Chip Zien, Gerry McIntyre, Katie Klaus, Kristine Zbornik, Leslie Kritzer, Liz Larsen, Peter Vack, Tom Hewitt, Zachary Isaacson


COMMENTARY follows nine people as they record a DVD commentary for a film-within-the-film that is never seen, called WASTE. In RASHOMON fashion, the film documents four groups as they record their commentaries: The writer/director of WASTE (Zachary Isaacson) and the film's Oscar-winning star (Alison Fraser), three supporting actors from WASTE (Leslie Kritzer, Gerry McIntyre, and Peter Vack), the producer (Tom Hewitt) and his assistant (Katie Klaus), and the parents of the recently deceased starlet of WASTE (Chip Zien and Liz Larsen).